Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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At Sunridge Medical we are extensively trained in the treatment of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction. We offer support through a successfully proven individualized treatment protocol, which is based on a blend of traditional medication combined with advanced, research-based naturopathic medicine, also known as holistic alternative medicine. FibromyalgiaThrough this integrated, holistic and comprehensive approach, we are able to identify and treat the underlying causes of the physical symptoms. This approach sets us apart from traditional medical clinics and, most importantly, allows for ultimate patient success.

Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Whether you have just been diagnosed or just researching your symptoms, finding the right physician can be difficult. Unfortunately, most traditionally-trained health care providers don’t understand or know enough about these complicated diseases. In fact, many doctors don’t believe that Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction are even prevalent chronic diseases.

At Sunridge, our physicians are highly-trained and are committed to obtaining positive outcomes for our patients by taking a holistic (meaning treating the whole body, not just the symptoms) approach to treatment.

Common symptoms of Fibromyalgia include:

  • Flu-like pain that can be severe and constant
  • A constant feeling of exhaustion
  • Overall body aches
  • Specific tender points that hurt
  • Insomnia or other sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Muscle stiffness and pain
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Depression not caused by a trauma or event
  • Cognitive problems, often called “brain fog”
  • Reoccurring headaches
  • Multiple reoccurring infections
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome symptoms may include:

  • Extreme fatigue that is unexplainable
  • Chronic or frequent sore throat
  • Short-term memory / concentration deficits
  • Diffuse muscle pain
  • Headaches unlike any previously experienced
  • Joint pain unrelated to injury or trauma
  • Wake from sleep feeling unrefreshed
  • Lymph node tenderness
  • Chronic low-grade fever
  • Fatigue causing a decrease in ability to perform work, social or personal activities

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