Frequently Asked Questions 

We know how difficult it can be when you’re deciding which doctor to  finding answers for your health If you have any additional questions or would like more information about our services and natural treatment options, give us a call at (800) 923-7878 and  speak directly with our Patient Care Representatives.

To schedule an appointment, simply call our office at 480-659-9135. You will be transferred to our Patient Care Representive who will be able to find the right time and date for your appointment. He can also answer any questions you might have.
Absolutely. Many of our patients are already under to care of an oncologist or other healthcare provider. Sunridge Medical’s goal of providing treatment and supportive care means working together with traditional healthcare practitioners. We support an integrative medical approach, giving you many more health options and ultimately resulting in the best treatment and supportive care possible.
During your first appointment, you will in with the doctor for about 2 hours. We believe in spending time to get to know our patients and thoroughly answer and discuss all questions and concerns.  During your appointment, the doctor may put together some blood work and a treatment plan. After you see the doctor, you will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator who will go over the plan and prices. We understand that medical treatments can be costly and would never provide services without your understanding of the cost. If you choose to run any lab work or begin treatment, you may be in our office for up to an additional 2 hours.

Each patient we see has a treatment plan tailored to their own specific needs.

Your customized treatment plan may include the following:

  • Blood Work
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Assessment
  • Intravenous Nutritional Therapy
  • Hormonal Injections
  • Medical Grade Supplements

As each persons medical condition is different, so is their treatment plan. Your plan may or may not include the above-mentioned treatments. In addition, your plan may include additional holistic treatment options not stated.

Yes! We love previous medical records! By bringing in your previous medical records, it will allow to doctor extra knowledge of your condition. It can also save on running lab work if you have current results. If you don’t have the physical copies, we can email you a Consent to Release Information that allows our facility to obtain your records on your behalf. – See more at:
At this time, because the majority of our complementary medicine and supportive care services are considered elective, they are not included in most insurance provider’s programs including Medicare and Medicaid and therefore are not covered. However, we do work with a third party company called the American Medical Health Alliance that specializes in assisting medical patents who elect to receive alternative, holistic, integrative care obtain insurance reimbursements for their care.
Sunridge Medical is an outpatient facility. If you choose to do treatment with us, you will come in for your treatment and then leave. We have provided a list of hotels in the area that we work with on our Become a Patient page. Let them know you are doing treatment at our facility and they will provide you with the discounted rates. Some of the hotels do also provide shuttle service to and from our center.

Sunridge Medical Wellness Centers specializes in helping you achieve your optimal health. Our trained physicians use state of the art technology in order to identify any medical risk factors you may have. In addition, our physicians work with you to help you understand your body’s needs and to formulate a plan to address those needs.

Because we live in a world full of chemicals, pollutants, and stress, it is in our best interest to be proactive when it comes to our health. Without realizing it, these toxins take a heavy toll on our body – from lethargy to high cholesterol to some cancers. Our goal at Sunridge Medical is to help remove these toxins by using safe, medically proven, natural remedies and holistic treatment in order to bring you to your optimal level of health.

In addition, we seek to educate in order to help you understand your body’s needs and live a healthier life.

At Sunridge Medical we understand that there is often a financial burden following a diagnosis of a serious medical condition. This is why we allow patients to pay for treatments on a daily basis only after they receive the treatment. Although you can place a pre-pay deposit for treatment, we typically don’t encourage pre-paying for your treatment plan especially since many patients can recover even faster than anticipated. Also, if you did give a deposit for the treatment plan and the treatment plan was not completed for any reason, we will give back to you the unused funds.

Although we can usually accommodate appointments fairly quickly, we do recommend that you book an appointment at least two weeks before your desired arrival day. This also allows you time to coordinate lodging and travel plans

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about our services and holistic treatment options please call us at (800) 923-7878. Our Patient Care Representatives are waiting to help you.

Our Patients Love Sharing Their Sunridge Stories

Meet Steve. Cardiomyopathy

Steve is pretty sure that he would not be here without his treatments at Sunridge.  12 years ago his doctors told him that he needed a new heart.  Not liking those options, Steve came to Sunridge looking for an alternative way to go.  Now he’s part of the family.  Feeling amazing and “getting younger,” Steve shares his story of success and believes that everybody should come to Sunridge Medical.  Thanks Steve for the wonderful words.

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