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Hear What Our Patients Say About Alternative Treatment At Sunridge Medical!

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Sue Ann, Phoenix, Arizona In this 3 part series, Sue Ann describes how she just knew in her heart that conventional medicine was not the best choice for her to fully heal from her breast cancer and how that decision would receive criticism from conventional doctors and friends alike. Today, 7 years later she lives to tell about it and is compelled to tell her story in hopes of helping … Read More
Jeff, Wisconsin Jeff suffered for 25 years with Lyme Disease. He saw a number of doctors and had aggressive treatment but nothing worked. As a last resort he came to Sunridge Medical. Our treatments put his Lyme into remission and he is doing wonderful. Jeff wrote us a letter a year later…. “No puppy yet…” “My wife and I have been blessed with a marriage” … Read More

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Alternative Brain Cancer Treatment

  Lori, Georgia Lori tells her heartfelt story about her life or death experience with Lyme disease. Having up to 8 seizures per day and doctors not able to help, they sent her home to die. With 2 days of treatment at Sunridge she was able to walk, and in 4 treatmeits she was walking in heals again.
 Jill, Alberta Canada Jill’s tumor left doctor’s unsure of how surgery may affect her, but decisions had to be made fast. After a poor prognosis from conventional doctors, Jill chose alternative treatment at Sunridge and her immune system to fight her cancer.

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment and Diabetes (Type I)

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment (Stage 4)

Louie, from Indiana Louie talks about how his wife is in remission from stage 4 breast cancer with the help of Sunridge Medical. After his wife’s treatment, Sunridge also helped cure him of Type 1 Adult Onset Diabetes! After taking insulin for the last 4 years, he now takes none.
Patricia, Idaho Patricia was exhausted from chemo, radiation and surgery. Feeling like she was going to die and doctors giving her 2-6 months to live, she started treatment at Sunridge for a second chance at life. After one month of treatment her cancer is gone and her PET scan is clear.

Adrenal Fatigue-Hashimoto’s-Lyme Disease

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Wendy M, Tennessee An avid runner and fitness coach, Wendy didn’t understand why she was feeling so fatigued. Fatigue was followed by seizures and progressed to immobility. Now confined to her home, Wendy’s doctors still had no answers. When she met Dr. Franco, Wendy realized she had more to learn about holistic health and wellness.
 Adriana, Orlando, Florida After heading off to her dream school Georgetown University, in Washington DC and five days into her freshmen year, Adriana collapsed and had to return home. After months of suffering her mother finally found Sunridge Medical. After a trip to Arizona that proved successful, Adriana … Read More

Alternative Cervical Cancer Treatment (Neuroendocrine)

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Michelle, Utah Given a poor prognosis from major cancer centers, Michelle refused conventional cancer therapy and with the help of Sunridge Medical, used her immune system to fight her cancer.
 Robbie H, Mustang, Oklahoma Robbie provides a message to individuals suffering from illness urging them to try alternate methods of healing. Robbie healed from an aggressive form of breast cancer using natural methods.

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Alternative Treatment for: Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Migraines, Arthritis, Diarrhea

Margarite, Florida Margarite talks about living the last 15 years with Lyme Disease. She had been diagnosed when she was bit by a tick, but there was no medical solution for her symptoms. After coming to Sunridge she now has her life back.
 Sharon, Casa Grande, Arizona Sharon talks about her suffering for the last 65 years with chronic diarrhea, arthritis, fibromyalgia. She saw numerous doctors with no relief. She came to Sunridge Medical and after only 9 treatments has her life back.

Alternative Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Nella, Vancouver, Canada Nella’s doctors in Canada suggested she have her entire colon removed due to her ulcerative colitis. Instead she came to Sunridge Medical and is now in complete remission.
 Carol, Sun City, Arizona Carol speaks about her breast cancer treatment and how her fear of chemotherapy forced her to seek alternative care. After treatment at Sunridge she is now cancer free.

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Alternative Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Treatment

Bob M, Colorado Bob talks about his experience with recurring Lyme Disease. Bob was treated for Lyme in 2005 but it returned in 2008. After 104 temperature for 4 weeks Bob and his wife came to Sunridge Medical.
Jeff, Phoenix, Arizona Jeff talks about how the tumors bulging out of his arms from lymphoma disappeared as treatments at Sunridge started working. Jeff is now enjoying remission.

Alternative Treatment of Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease, Grave’s Disease

Alternative Treatment of: Parkinson’s/Multiple Sclerosis (Multiple Systemic Atrophy)

 Bari, Phoenix, Arizona The only option that Bari was given was to remove her diseased thyroid. This was not acceptable to her and she chose alternative treatments instead. Her autoimmune disease is now in remission and she still has her thyroid.
 Greg, Goodyear, Arizona After hearing the devastating news and diagnosis of Multiple System Atrophy (Multiple Sclerosis/Parkinson’s Disease), Greg chose not to give up hope. Thanks to Dr. Franco and the staff at Sunridge Medical, he’s active again

Alternative Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Treatment

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Greg, Gilbert, Arizona In search of an Alternative Treatment to Chemotherapy, Greg Curtis made the choice to come to Sunridge Medical after hearing Dr. Franco mentioned on the radio.
Daneta, Cleveland, Ohio Daneta talks about how she quit chemotherapy because of how ill it made her. She came to Sunridge Medical to fight her Breast Cancer. She is now in remission.

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Nick and Cindy M, Illinois Nick and his wife Cindy came to Sunridge after seeing doctors in Illinois who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Cindy. Dr. Franco uncovered why for the past 6 years Cindy had become increasingly ill and confined to a bed.
 Jennifer P, Michigan On the day of receiving the good news that her PET scan came back clean and she is now cancer free, a patient talks about Dr. Franco and the success of the alternative treatments she received at Sunridge Medical Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Alternative Bladder Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer-Brain Cancer and Lung Cancer

Donna M, Colorado After their first visit to Sunridge for Bob’s Lyme disease treatment they came back after Donna was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer. The results were just as successful!
Sue Ann, Jill and Patricia Get a glimpse of 3 cancer patients in this video collage. 3 patients with 3 different types of cancer tell their story of illness and their individual journeys that led them back to wellness

Alternative Treatment For Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Depression

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Arden, Phoenix, AZ After years of suffering from the pain and emotional symptoms of a skin condition, Arden went to Sunridge Medical, where Dr. Franco discovered he was also suffering from an immune condition. For years Arden couldn’t stay awake at work, and suffered from depression. He had fatigue and often found himself in such agonizing pain he could not use his hands.
 Rosyln, New York After working in a hospital for 15 years and being diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer, Roslyn new chemotherapy was not the answer for her. She got in her car with her three children and husband and made the journey from New York to Sunridge Medical in Arizona. Within three weeks of her first treatment, the tumour started to change.

Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Alternative Treatment CFDIS-Epstein-Barr-Adrenal Fatigue-Lyme Disease

  James, Houston James flew from Houston to see Dr. Franco after 10 years of seeking answers for his extreme fatigue and pain in his legs. After conventional doctors gave him pain meds and sent him home James maintained hope that someone could help him. His research led him to Dr. Franco in Scottsdale. Upon meeting James Dr. Franco discovered, thru a blood test, that James had Lyme disease.
Jim, Arizona Jim began to feel run down and was plagued with a series of illness that he couldn’t seem to shake. Doctors were unable to do anymore than prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms so the problems continued. After a series of tests Dr. Franco discovered Jim’s immune system was compromised and needed a “restart” to begin its own natural attack on fighting his ailments.

Alternative Scleroderma Treatment

Alternative Mouth Cancer (Squamous Cell)

Barbara, Glendale, AZ Barbara spent the last 5 years in search of some answers but doctors kept coming up short and nothing to offer but pain medication that could cause blindness. That’s when Barbara knew it was time to seek other options. With the help of Dr. Franco, Barbara finally got an accurate diagnosis after blood tests and a thorough consultation revealed she had Scleroderma (Systemic).
Bonnie tells her story that started with surgery to remove what they thought was a benign tumor only to find that it in fact was cancerous. Remembering what her mother had gone through before dying of cancer Bonnie knew she didn’t want to take the traditional route of therapy. After traveling to Sunridge Medical for treatment with Dr. Franco; Bonnie is relieved to report she is cancer free!

Letters From Patients


Sasha Before and After – Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Sasha BeforeSasha After 1Sasha After 2


Kelli Before and After Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Recurrent Breast Cancer

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast 2 years ago. The first time around I had surgery and radiation for 6 months. Three months later they discovered that the cancer was back. My oncologist then recommended radiation and chemotherapy. I thought that I would be done after this. Nine months later a tumor was discovered on MRI. My doctor told me that I had a recurrent breast cancer and he then recommended more chemotherapy. I could not believe my ears. More of something that did not work.” “My husband helped me look into other medical options and called several alternative medical clinics. We decided to come to Sunridge Medical and we are happy that we did. We were immediately comforted and impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful the staff was. I had a very thorough appointment with Dr. Franco and we learned what the cause of my condition was. I immediately began the personalized treatment program that was recommended. After 4 weeks my tumor is almost gone and I feel really good.” Marybeth, 49 from Austin, Texas

Alternative Treatment for Gastoesophageal Cancer

“My father was diagnosed with stomach cancer 6 months ago. The was referred to hospice because the oncologist felt that he was too frail to withstand any chemo or radiation. Not willing to give up we looked into alternative medicine and we found several treatments that we wanted to try. Several people had told us that we would have to go to Germany or Mexico to receive these treatments. That’s when we heard about Sunridge Medical on the Dr. Bob Martin radio program. We found out that they offer all the immuno therapies at their facility. My father is doing much better than expected. He has a lot of energy and is putting weight back on. Dr Franco arranged for my father to do a very targeted form of radiation that our oncologist wasn’t even aware of, but he recommends to keep doing what he’s doing because he’s doing great.” Roy, Little Rock, Arkansas

Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease

“My illness began at age 27 with fatigue, stomach pain and joint stiffness. Over the course of about 18 months my symptoms list grew to include muscle weakness and cramping, seizures, night sweats, dramatic weight loss followed by excessive weight gain, insomnia, debilitating weakness, an inability to walk, and tachardia with a resting heart rate around 115 on average. I was sent from one specialist to another. They suspected Lupus or MS or some other autoimmune condition, but the numerous labs and scans failed to confirm a diagnosis. I was given a wide variety of prescription medications and when they failed to help me, I was accused of prescription seeking. Upon seeing me cry from the pain of an examination, one highly recommended doctor I had waited 3 months to see told me I just needed some antidepressants and I would be fine. I had literally given up.” “My parents watched me go from a healthy young athlete to this woman who could barely get out of bed and had to have her groceries delivered. My parents found Dr. Franco. During my first visit, he and his colleagues were not sure what the underlying condition was since all my tests had been negative. What they did know was that my immune system was in bad shape. Instead of turning me away and handing me off to the next doctor like everyone else did, they confidently suggested treatments that would help strengthen my immune system.” “After only one treatment with the injections that he recommended, I walked out of the office pain free with a feeling of optimism. I threw away my prescription bottles. Within three weeks I was feeling like myself again. Upon completion of my treatments I was back at the gym training and back outdoors running and hiking.” “It was not until several months later that the true underlying condition was found. I tested positive for Lyme Disease. In addition, tests showed hypothyroidism, caused by an autoimmune disease and from the stress of the ordeal. I also needed treatment for adrenal insufficiency. The patience and support I received from Dr. Franco and the staff was phenomenal. Their compassion and understanding combined with their knowledge and experience creates an environment that provides comfort; a comfort that is so necessary in times of illness. I owe this entire health success story to them.” Wendy, Chandler, Arizona

Colon Cancer(Stage 4)

“I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in September of 06. Since then I have had emergency surgery followed by radiation and then chemotherapy. I have received 3 rounds of chemotherapy over the last 1 1/2 years. The side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation were horrible and I did not think that I was going to survive. My oncologist seemed frustrated because the cancer was not responding to the treatments and I was still in a lot of pain.” “I met a woman that was a patient at Sunridge Medical. She gave me the number and told me to call. I started receiving their treatments to build my body back up. Within 2 days I noticed major improvements in my pain levels and my energy and sleep were improved. Every day gets better and better for me. I don’t think that I would have been able to go on without the help of the doctors at Sunridge Medical. I would recommend these treatments to everyone looking for options to treat their cancer.” Tessa, Buffalo, NY

Chronic Fatigue/Epstein Barr

“I have suffered with chronic fatigue for the last 3 years. I have seen 13 doctors and I felt like no one really understood what was going on or how to treat this illness. I really felt life for me was going to be horrible. My parents finally took me to Sunridge Medical Center in Scottsdale Arizona. For the first time I knew I was in the right place. They immediately found what the problem was and began treating me. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.” Leslie, Flagstaff, Arizona

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 5 years ago. After 2 years of pain, I moved to Arizona in hopes that the warm weather would help my joints – it did not. My doctors wanted me to take prednisone and methotrexate. After reading about all the side effects, I decided to find other options. I heard about Sunridge Medical and thought I should give it a try. I immediately felt better within 1 week and 90% of my pain was gone without drugs or side effects.” Angela, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Prostate Cancer

“I went to Sunridge Medical for a second opinion. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 6 months ago and did not like the options that were presented to me by my oncologist. I wanted to avoid surgery and radiation and I did not like the idea of taking anti-hormone injections. The doctors at Sunridge listened to me and helped me find other options. My treatment plan includes some western medication and treatments to boost my immune system and decrease my toxicity levels. Surprisingly, my oncologist agreed that this was a good idea. 3 weeks into the program I am feeling great with no side effects and my PSA has dropped from 22 to 1.5.” Tony, Milan, Italy

Pre-Diabetes, Hormone Imbalance

“I kept complaining about being low in energy not able to keep weight off in spite of me not eating very much. I wanted to sleep all the time and that’s just not normally me. My doctor said it was just old age and that I should accept it. I thought I would try something different so i went to Sunridge Medical with my problem. After thorough evaluation and some blood work that no one else bothered to run, I found out what my problem was- I was borderline diabetic. I was also low in certain hormones and some other issues. 2 months later, I can’t believe how good I’m feeling. My energy is so high that I have no problem keeping up to my grandchildren. I have my life back. I thank Dr. Franco and Sunridge Medical.” Mark, Sacramento, CA

Lung Cancer – Non Small Cell

“When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to my liver, I couldn’t believe it. I never smoked. I was healthy or at least I thought that I was. I ate healthy foods and ran 5 miles 3 times a week. I thought that I was healthy. My oncologist wanted to start chemotherapy immediately but I started doing my own research and found out that there was a very slim chance of chemotherapy by itself working on my type of cancer. I didn’t know where to turn until I found Sunridge Medical Center. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. Dr Franco went over my case with me and recommended specific treatments and also made appointments for me to see their Radiation Oncologist. I am currently using some conventional treatments and natural treatments combined and I am getter great results with no side effects at all. In fact, I feel better than I can ever recall . Dr Franco uses the best of what’s available from around the world, both conventional and alternative. This was more than I ever could have ever hoped for. The team at Sunridge Medical has turned my devastating cancer diagnosis into something not so devastating at all. God Bless them.” Daniel, Vancouver, Canada




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