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Need More Options? - Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Are you or a loved one suffering with cancer? Do you feel that your treatment options are limited or are you looking for additional ones? It can be overwhelming trying to decide which treatment direction to take. WE CAN HELP. Our goal at Sunridge Medical is to offer patients suffering with cancer additional treatment options and education to help.

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Hear from one of our patients as he describes his experiences with Cancer at Sunridge. 



There are a variety of reasons why people choose alternative cancer treatment after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Some may use it in conjunction with conventional treatments like chemotherapy. Others choose a comprehensive and holistic approach as their primary and only cancer treatment. Others seek out alternative treatment after conventional methods have failed them.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Strategy Made for You

Sunridge Medical provides patients with an individualized treatment plan that utilizes advanced alternative methods combined with traditional therapies to put forth the greatest effort in fighting your cancer. Our treatment protocols can be administered at any stage of your existing treatment, and in the following ways, depending on your situation:

  • Concurrently, Alongside Conventional Therapies
  • Following Completion of Conventional Therapies
  • As a First and Primary Treatment After Diagnosis
  • As a Primary Treatment when Conventional Therapy is no Longer an Option

Hear from one of our patients in the video below. Find out how alternative cancer treatment at Sunridge Medical helped her.


What is the Alternative Cancer Treatment Strategy at Sunridge?

  • Attack the Cancer to stop tumor(s) growth is the first step. This allows us to focus on regression or shrinking of the tumor(s) and onward, until complete dissipation.
  • Restoration of the body’s natural cancer-fighting mechanisms which include normalizing the regulatory mechanisms responsible for cellular metabolism, defense, repair and detoxification.
  • Attain and maintain remission status

Our Alternative Treatment Approach

At Sunridge Medical we offer a full immuno-biological treatment program that aims to not only attack the cancer, but also restore the body’s natural defense and regulatory mechanisms including the immune system and detoxification pathways. Through this holistic approach, we are able to identify and treat the underlying causes of the cancer as well as increase the body’s health, and enhance the quality of life for our patients.

Things to Consider

Although conventional medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have come a long way in their ability to eradicate cancer cells and tumors, these treatments are aimed only at the destruction of the tumor or malignancy and ignore, sometimes even aggravate, the underlying disease conditions which led to the formation of the cancer in the first place. Unless the cause and preconditions of the initial cancer occurrence are corrected, a high risk of disease progression and recurrence remains.

Unfortunately, this is what we commonly see in the traditional medical system. For example, after receiving only conventional treatment, cancer patients often believe that they are cured because their cancer is in remission, only to discover, sometimes only months later, that their cancer is back and more aggressive than it was the first time. By looking at the underlying causes of cancer, alternative cancer treatments help your body fight off the recurring cancer cells by boosting your immune system. Ultimately, this treatment protocol provides patients the best chance of staying cancer free long term.

Cancer Cells In a Healthy Body

Research has shown that cancer cells develop in every human being. Because of the body’s natural defense system which consists of an immune surveillance system, a repair mechanism and other regulatory mechanisms; cancer cells in a healthy body are identified and destroyed before they become tumors. As long as this natural defense system is functioning properly, the body is able to protect itself from cancer.

Cancer Cells in an Unhealthy Body

In all cancer patients, the body’s natural defense system is functioning poorly. In turn, when a cancer cell is present, it is not destroyed, allowing for growth opportunities. This is why restoration of the body’s natural defense system is critical following a diagnosis of cancer and should be included as part of any cancer treatment, however, this is often not the case in conventional therapies.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Cancer

It is only through a comprehensive, individualized evaluation of the patient that the contributing factors leading to the cancer diagnosis are identified, as they differ for each patient, even if they have the same diagnosis. What are some of these contributing factors?

    • Nutritional imbalance
    • Improper diet
    • Genetic predisposition
    • Presence of chronic infections
    • Presence of toxicity
    • Psychological and other immune-suppressive factors can also play a significant part in the development of bladder cancer.

By eliminating these contributing factors, healing and long term prevention frequently occur; making alternative cancer treatments a worthwhile option to consider

The Immune System is the body’s best defense for cancer. Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) are an important component of the immune system and function specifically to seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Research suggests that a compromised immune system is a major contributor to the development of cancer. Based on this information, a new area of study is emerging called Cancer Immunotherapy, which focuses on using the immune system as an effective way to eradicate cancer.

Nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of many complicated processes in the body. Nutritional deficiencies are becoming commonplace due to our modern lifestyles. Without the proper nutrition, the body begins to function poorly which results in an environment where cancer is promoted. A number of common nutrients have been shows to be cancer-protective including selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as others.

In this polluted world it is not difficult for our bodies to accumulate chemicals and other toxins known as carcinogens. These accumulated carcinogens can lead to free-radical damage to our DNA and trigger mutations in the cells resulting in cancer. Here’s something to think about – Isn’t chemotherapy a toxic chemical?

The mitochondria is commonly known as the “power house” of cell. Recent research from Harvard Medical School has identified that mutations to oncogenes (by toxins) in the mitochondria can lead to a process called the Warburg Effect. Here, a cell is able to grow uncontrollably by utilizing glucose better and adapting to low oxygen environments whereby avoiding the apoptosis (cellular death) pathway. Natural cancer treatments aimed at increasing mitochondrial metabolism are essential.

This is a consequence of improper mitochondrial respiration and must be treated – otherwise cancer is harder to treat and more likely to return.

When the above factors are present, so are inflammatory risk factors. Patients have dramatically better outcomes if their natural cancer treatments address inflammation reduction.

Recent research has linked the presence of various infections as the trigger of cancer, for example HPV infections and cervical cancer, candida and breast cancer, and Chlamydia and Lymphoma. In these cases, infections are usually present because the immune system is compromised. Because a tumor grows into and disrupts surrounding tissue, decreased circulation to certain areas occur with provides the perfect low-oxygen environment where infections flourish. Data has shown that when the infection is treated, cancer progression stops.

Additional Cancer Information

Research findings in Europe indicate that the course of the disease is not solely determined by the type of cancer cells that are present. Studies show that no matter what type of cancer is present, the environment in which these cancer cells grow and flourish (the internal environment of the body and the strength of the body’s natural defense systems) plays a significant role in influencing the way in which the disease progresses. This has been demonstrated in numerous studies that show the incidence of recurrence cancer was reduced dramatically in patients who did things to strengthen their immune system compared to patients who did nothing.

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